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The project "Level-up! Workplace Tutor goes Europe" aims at increased professionalisation and improved qualification of in-company VET personnel as one of the key actors of vocational education. It will work at two levels, a) the practitioners level and b) the political level. At the practitioners level, it will provide an outstanding example of innovative training for in-company training personnel that enables a high-level qualification as well as a peer-to-peer exchange at European level. At the political level, Level up! pursues the establishment of a pan-European multi-stakeholder dialogue on current debates surrounding European VET policy. These two objectives will be implemented as follows:

In a pan-European training course, a group of 14 participants from six European countries (Portugal, Spain, Finland, Hungary, Ireland and Germany) will follow the blended-learning programme "European Workplace Tutor" previously developed in the LdV projects it's time and European Workplace Tutor (EWT) and adapted to include European aspects of VET policy and systems as well as current issues in the respective countries. The course will run over a period of 21 months and provide the participants with the complete learning outcomes of the European Workplace Tutor profile. Each seminar will take place in another country, the first seminar will take place in Ireland and combine a preparatory language training with subject-specific content.

The second aim of the project is the initiation of a European debate on issues relevant to VET personnel. This debate will be put in action in the framework of the European Workplace Tutor Network. We will pursue this aim by a series of measures:
a) the implementation of four multipliers’ events gathering stakeholders in order to discuss selected issues of relevance to current VET policy in Europe;
b) the integration of debate issues and European stakeholders in existing networks and events of project partners;
c) dissemination activities and
d) additional expert consultation on results developed.

The events will address aspects of the current European debate on VET issues and bring together VET personnel and stakeholders to discuss these and develop positions and recommendations to contribute to the further debate. These will be published in the form of subject-specific political recommendations and brochures.

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The handbook is a product of the work of the partners and is targeted at in-company-Trainers in specific and VET personel in generell.

It introduces trainers to the principles and advantages of learning guidance, shows innovative methods and examples to use in practice.

It will be delivered in 6 different languages.

Click HERE for the English version.
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